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Check out our All things Brow course !!

*These classes are offered in Spanish as well!

Check out our All things Brow Class !!

*These classes are offered in Spanish as well!

Mas Verde Vida

Brother and Sister Created and Crafted…San Fernando Valley Raised, these two Friends that became Family stepped into A “mas verde” State of mind early in the game. Both grew up in the same barrio (valley) where your cards weren’t always dealt the greatest. Since a young age, John and Charleen Knew they were destined for a greater purpose, but both struggled with mental health and struggled together. Through the beautiful Struggle they created “Mas Verde” In English Means MORE GREEN. This unique name suited all Their reasons for sharing with the world what their purpose was which is A “more green” way of life. From Chasing the green to Eating Greens to say the least They both push each other as brother and sister through it all. Follow their story and products while they continue to inspire YOU to live a “more green” way of living.

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