One on One Class

This is an introductory course provided by Arched and taught by owner/ master artist Charleen Kammourieh. She is the perfect teacher for any student especially beginners as there is no experience required. This 3 day course includes one full service kit and Charleen’s exclusive top of the industry product resources. This class really harps on social media keys you'd need to succeed, brow mapping, and color theory. At the end of the course students will receive their certificate of completion for Microblading. This also comes with the full support from Arched alumni any answers for future questions, needs, shadowing etc.

Price: $5,500 | Deposit is $250



Once you complete the class, you will receive your certification in being a Microblading artist. This means you will be able to work legally as a Microblading artist.

Full kit

  • Measuring tool

  • Sample Ink

  • Makeup wipes

  • 25 Bibs

  • 50 needles

  • 25 caps

  • 25 spoolies

  • 25 micro applicators

  • Practice skin

  • Sample healing agent

  • Brow brush

  • Tea Tree ointment

  • Sanitizer

  • Tweezers

  • Flat Brush

  • Bactine

  • Measuring string

  • Biohazard waste basket


2-3 Models

Hands on training with Microblading on real models. Charleen, a master microblading artist, will be there to coach you through your strokes. She will also be showing you her own personal technique.