lip plumping

There are multiple desired looks that can be achieved through our lip plumping session .  2-3 sessions may be required depending on desired look. 

Late Policy For All Appointments: Clients who are 15 minutes or later will be listed as a no show and will lose their deposit. A new deposit will need to be paid.

Second Session Policy: Client that fail to notify salon 24 hours in advanced, a 2nd deposit is required for missed appointment.

what is hyaluronic acid lip plumping?

This technique is a natural lip filling process using a tool called the “Hyaluron Pen”.The pen administers hyaluronic acid (acid that the body already produces)filler into the top layer of the dermis using PRESSURE technology. This means – NO NEEDLES NO PAIN! Hyaluron Pen Filler is a great way to plump your lips naturally! Consent forms will need to be completed upon arrival. Please arrive 15 minutes early to start the numbing process which takes about 20-30 mins.

4 – 6 months

zero to minimal pain, numbing is applied for comfort

There are multiple desired looks so depending on look desired will determine sessions 

Each session is  $499

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