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Arched Owner/Founder | Master Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist | Master Esthetician


Charleen Kammourieh is a well renowned published artist with years of experience in the beauty and film industry, with a main focus on brow anatomy. Some of her features include; Barbersonlymagazine and Mantra Magazine just to name a few. Charleen's various and broad range of experiences also stem from Being an Airbrush Artist at californias Magic Mountains exclusive fright fest events to glamming Miss Brazil usa 2005 this has led her to launch her own salon called Arched in beautiful Tarzana, C.A. Arched is a name that came from a woman who is a daring young powerhouse with a passion of artistry that has thrived and fought to perfect a masterpiece still not finished, follow her and her work as she inspires and captivates the true definition of an artistic eye.
With her unique mix of artistic perfectionism and vibrant character, clients leave with comfort knowing that they have the best brows from the most talented and up and coming brow artist in our nation with apprenticeship under other celebrity brow artists. Arched started off in 2015 as an exclusive waxing salon, until she introduced Microblading, which is a flourishing new skilled semi permanent brow filling beauty service. Stay tuned as her passion and drive continues to stay on the upward path of becoming "the brow goddess".

For every beauty there is an eye to see it!

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Arched Esthetician Trainee | Assistant | Junior Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist


Hello all! My name is Julianna Carlos. I’m from Santa Clarita California, and have an extensive background in sports, particularly softball. I played for a decade and eventually parlayed my passion/skill for competition into a college education. After being a stand out player and student, I graduated in 2016 and am now showing that passion here at the Arched salon.

My sister and owner, Charleen, introduced me to the field fresh out of college, and I absolutely love it! A year has already gone by and I’ve been perfecting my craft ever since. I'm in the process of becoming an esthetician, so facials are RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! It's amazing to have finally found my calling, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for me in the beauty industry!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing all of you soon!

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Arched Senior Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist


Bonjour tout le monde! My name is Raihana Barthel. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and attended the Awty International School. I graduated in 2004 with an International Baccaleaureate and soon after was enrolled in the University of Saint Thomas while pursuing a major in International Relations and Communications. I got the offer to go study abroad in Strasbourg, France (I know you don't know where that is and trust me you aren't missing out) at 19 which very quickly led me to Paris, where I enrolled in the ESMOD/ISEM fashion school. I received my bachelor's degree in fashion business, marketing and communications, with an honorable mention for my thesis on the beauty industry in France. While there, I worked numerous jobs at institutions such as Vogue, Glamour and Vanity Fair Magazines and received job offers ranging from Maison Valentino to Barbara Bui.

Shortly after receiving my diploma, I planted my roots in Los Angeles with my then fiancé (now husband - yes I did marry him!) and our cat Tiramisu. After several jobs in the fashion industry, I decided it was time to make a change. I have always been so passionate about beauty - it was always kind of my secret obsession. In Paris, I had so many creative, artistic friends; friends who worked in beauty and art - especially in the tattoo and music industry - so I was constantly surrounded by the beauty of artists. Having worked for so long in fashion, it naturally pulled me towards the beauty industry. I have been with Arched for over a year now and absolutely love what I do; it has definitely opened a new door for me and I am so excited to be able to share this passion with everyone. So next time you stop by, don't be shy to say hi!

P.S. I am a huge vegan, rock n' roll loving nerd, so come swap vegan recipes and talk music with me while I do your brows!

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Arched Assistant 


Hey everyone my name is Vivian Matute! I’m an assistant at Arched, and have been a loyal client of Arched (even prior to employment). I am extremely happy to say that I am a part of the Arched family.

Being a first generation citizen from Guatemala, I know the definition of hard work. I let my work do the talking for me!

Thanks and see you soon!

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Arched Assistant | Videographer | Graphic Designer


Sup ya'll. My name is Lex and I honestly couldn't tell ya what I do here. I've always been the type to jump into a lion's den without a plan. However, since I started working under Char's rule, my life has changed. Being a part of Arched is truly inspiring. I'm an artist myself, an actress, so watching a friend's passion turn into something extraordinary is extremely satisfying. A person who can help a friend achieve that goal is the type of person I'd like to be. If you knew Arched and the woman behind it, you would say the same.

I try helping Arched be the best that it possibly can by perfecting the inter-workings of this salon. However that is a long list of things that I won't get into today, but I can say that I try my hand at many of those tasks. I guess media, filing papers, or bringing coffee to the Arched fam are my specialties. I'm really just here because I believe in the product being sold; Confidence in your own unique beauty.

Definitely check us out, you won't regret it!

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Arched Mom-ager | Product Management


Hey everybody! My name is Anita Carlos and I’m the proud mother of 4 fantastic kids, and grandmother to 6 wonderful grandchildren, I’m also an avid Disney connoisseur, reborn vegetarian, and a classic movie fanatic. In 2017, when my daughter Charleen, the owner of Arched, launched her product line, I was honored to join the team to be able to help this thriving salon. The ability to support my girls and customers to ensure a spectacular experience for all at the shop, is a natural talent for me and I look forward to serving as the Arched manager! My role is product management, assistant and of course team Mom!

P.S. Thank you all, it has been great getting to know all of you so far, and I can’t wait to meet the rest of you amazing ladies and gentlemen!